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A 360-degree solution to streamline boat equipment and service purchases



The First Platform That Meets the Boater's Needs

     Access your boat model showing equipment down to the smallest detail


     Find each system and part for your boat through the virtual tour or search engine


     Get the full details and related documents on our innovative product page


     Purchase the product you are looking for or complementary products easily


     Find the right service providers for the system /part you need and order the service

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BoatClick digitizes recreational boating by making the boat, marine accessories and parts accessible to any boater. This solution answers boaters' main challenge - understanding exactly which part they need and how to get it


Our smart platform provides an easy and accurate way to get the most of your yacht

Easy Access

Our virtual tour, search engine, and experts help users determine the specific parts they need and how to get them in the shortest time possible


A boater-centric marketplace that provides multiple quotes based on the boaters’ top priorities, including all purchasing aspects such as budget, urgency and yacht location


An integrated solution that significantly reduces time and hassle spent on handling spare parts, service providers and maintenance management, all in one place


How Does BoatClick Work?



"It's a great application which will bring a significant contribution to our community, as it meets the exact need of every boater"

"Imagine if the pain points of sailing could be solved at a click of a button, enabling the pleasure that sailing provides without the hurdle of chasing fitting manufacturers in China or paying premium prices to local stores"

"Every sailor needs BoatClick, which will significantly improve the service I provide as a dealer and sail manufacturer. You are bringing progress to our industry"

Petros Michelidakis, 

Director Boot Düsseldorf

Saar Bar,

Former Israeli sailing champion CEO of

Easy Swissa,

Sailing Expert 

North sails designer, X-yacht dealer


For Boaters, By Boaters

Founded by Ori Gal and Tal Toibin Gal, born and raised as sailors with more than 30 years of strategic experience in both the sea and the land, Boatclick's vision is to simplify all boating needs by disrupting today's marine industry


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